Love is defined in so many ways we’ve ever known, one of them is the definition of love as a seed. Love is the seed we sow, it grows like plants with the touch of care until it ripens and be fruitful. The fruit of love that we collect is usually known as a gift from God. It is the gift of life, a new life. This peculiar life will be carried in the mother’s womb, taken care, nourished with love until the time is ready for the new life to be welcomed by the world.

I once asked my mother when I was a kid about what was it like to have a child? She answered with a smile that it was a bliss for her. At the moment, I did not know what was the meaning of ‘bliss’ then I searched it in the dictionary. The word ‘bliss’ refers to a perfect joyfulness, a perfect happiness. I’m sure that the word ‘bliss’ represents the feelings of every mothers-to-be. It is called perfect because it starts from the very beginning until the child is born and grown to become a parent of their own. Congratulations to Olga and CK on revealing the chapter of Parenthood in their life. It was a good day spent photographing all of you along with the baby bump. Enjoy your blissful moments of parenting!


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